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Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I was having the hardest time trying to decide what I wanted the format of this place to be. I’ve been back and forth in my head about it, but I’ve finally decided. I would like “A Healthy Enthusiasm” to be a dumping ground of sorts for all the health and nutrition info I’m taking in.  It’s hard to keep up with all the facts I read about, and I need a place to put it all. That’s where this blog comes in. But, I still want there to be a point and focus to this place, so I will do my best to keep things readable.  Just think of my posts as contemporary art on the walls. You might not always get it right off the bat, but stare at it long enough and you will find something you like about it. Ha! 🙂

Also, there might be times when I get on my soapbox and rant. In those times, it’s best to let me be until it’s out of my system. LOL!!

Seriously though, please share your point of view.  I am very open-minded and eager to learn. As long as you keep it friendly, I’m open to challenge and welcome healthy debate.

P.S.  Please gentle reader, go easy on me regarding grammatical errors. I will do my best to keep them at bay, but I am not a seasoned writer, so some might slip in from time to time.

Ok, let the randomness begin…just kidding. Next post will be about the health benefits of Dark Chocolate. Yum!! 🙂


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There are many benefits to cooking with friends. First, financially it just  makes sense. You share the cost of the meal, which makes buying organic ingredients less expensive. Second, you can teach each other different ways to cook your favorite foods. ie: substitutions for healthier ingredients. And third, and most importantly; you can spend time with your friend preparing a good nutritious meal. Score!!!  Keeping each other accountable…score +1 🙂

My friend Alexi and I have started a tradition where we get together and cook every Thurs. We are trying to come up with a name for this:

Healthy cooking meet up…no

Healthy food and friends…possible

Still thinking about this…anyway…Alexi is a vegetarian and so am I, mostly.  So far we have cooked vegan tacos with soy chorizo (yum!!), vegetarian chili, and most recently, black bean burgers. This was our first attempt at veggie burgers. We had so much fun making these black patties of perfection, and really got our hands dirty, in a good way. 😉 Btw, they were delicious!!!

If you haven’t tried this with a friend, I highly recommend it. You don’t have to stick with a veggie only menu. Keep your menu sensible and nutritious and you can’t go wrong. See, it’s a blast living a healthy lifestyle. Have fun everyone!

The pics of our black bean burgers:

At the start...    

Sauteed mushrooms for the top of the burgers…



The finished product…

Wishing you all radiant health…and happy cooking!! 🙂

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